There are many financial assistance programs, including traditional and creative funding options, available to those who qualify. Programs include grants, loans, financial aid, and even retirement rollovers that offer a tax- and debt-free option for funding your business. For a complete listing of lenders and programs, please contact us today.

  • Do you need financing for the purchase of your franchise?
  • Do you have money in an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account?
  • Would you like to access the money in your retirement account to invest in your own business, without taking a taxable distribution?
By rolling your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh or other retirement funds into Guidant’s 401(k) franchise financing vehicle, you can:
Buy a franchise, lower overhead and increase your success rate:

Instead of sending interest payments to a lender, you can use your money to purchase advertising, buy equipment, lease a company van, or use it in any way that will bring you quicker profits.

Reduce personal liability:

Use our own funds to avoid pledging your home or other assets as loan collateral and potentially jeopardizing your personal credit.

Maximize tax-deferred benefits:

By investing your retirement funds into your own franchise, you can reinvest your profits tax-deferred in your business or in your retirement account. Build your business while you grow your retirement nest egg!

Enjoy flexibility:

You can mix your retirement funds with personal funds or capital from other investors. It’s the ideal financing structure for husband-and-wife teams!

Invest in yourself:

Unlike taking risks in the volatile stock market, financing your business with retirement funds is an investment in yourself – one that you can control and count on!
Discover your retirement account’s true investing power (and the ability to finance your franchise with money you already have)!