How we make YOUR Dream come true…

In the same way that the familiar real estate broker brings all the parties together to facilitate the acquisition of real estate, the Franchise Broker is all of that and then some for franchise transactions. Our process is more helpful than what you would typically get from a realtor.

We work closely with people who are committed to owning/operating a business. For those who have never owned a business, the decision to make such a huge life change is nerve wracking, gut wrenching, and soul searching. Our task is to shepherd the new business owner through the entire process of business acquisition. We will make sure that you have all of your questions answered and help you to express your concerns and have them addressed. We have some proprietary tools to determine the business values and attitudes of the client and use them to closely match the client to the “perfect profile” of the successful franchise concept. We do all of this to make sure that when you make the ownership decision, you do so with faith that you can be a successful business owner.

Our services are provided at no expense to our client, hopefully you. Franchisors appreciate having qualified, talented prospects who fit their “perfect profile” of a successful operator presented to them for their evaluation. Because of this benefit to them, the franchisor compensates us for our services rendered to our clients.

For those who are current or previous business owners, it may be that you are looking to add some additional passive or semi-passive streams of income. Many of the concepts that we represent can be owned and managed in such a way that a large commitment of time on the part of the owner is not required.

Chris Johnson Bio

Chris-JohnsonChris is a dedicated and hard working professional who has worked in many areas of both non-profit and for profit companies over the course of his career.

He earned his B.A. from the University of Colorado- Colorado Springs were he played basketball for the Mountain Lions. He then moved on and earned an M.A. from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

After graduation, He began his career at his family’s business- Western Slope Driving Academy. He handled administrative as well as classroom and on the road teaching duties. He returned to Colorado Springs and worked for a while in the juvenile justice and hospitality fields.

For the last three years he has been employed by Skate City, a chain of roller skating rinks in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. He handled a variety of back office functions for the company including accounts payable, payroll, human resources, and cash management. He also oversaw the marketing of one of the locations.

Now he has declared his independence, and he’s excited to help you declare yours!

John Johnson Bio

John-JohnsonJohn spent 24 years working in public education. First as a teacher and a football and basketball coach, then after completion of his Master’s in educational measurements, as a principal in several schools in Texas and Colorado. During his tenures as principal, John always insisted that the school climate be one in which the dreams of the students were nurtured, not crushed or inhibited.

After becoming disaffected by the changes in public education, he “reinvented” himself in the energy industry. First as an MWD field engineer for Sperry-Sun, and then as a directional driller for several companies, John established himself as an independent consultant. In the Spring of 2010, he was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancerous tumor of the neck, a condition for which her received surgical intervention followed by both chemo and radiation therapy. John returned as a consultant directional driller for a year. In October of 2011, Upstream International, LLC made John responsible for all of their Western United States operations—a role that he performed for four and a half years. During this time, he doubled the number of consultants provided and also doubled the revenue for his region.

After being downsized from Upstream in April of 2015 as a result of the significant decrease in the commodity price of oil, John decided to never again be subjected to being laid off or downsized again. While lucrative, the energy industry failed to satisfy his basic passion to nurture the dreams of others.

He is now in a business where he helps make dreams come true for his clients. At Liberty Franchise Solutions, WE ARE DREAMMAKERS!